Saturday, April 18, 2009

Apple Blossoms

Two year old rogue Apple Tree

Close up of Apple Blossoms

more blossoms close up

close ups blossoms

more close up blossoms

Final Close up shot
Click on the Photographs to enlarge for better viewing
Today I am posting some photographs of a two year old rogue apple tree that took root on the bank next to my storage shed that I built, it just appeared as if by magic two years ago , I guess it somehow found it's way down the hill from the old apple orchard that was pushed down and burned a few years back.

I saw the wonderful blooms the other day while standing outside and talking to a neighbor so I went in the house and got the trusty old Nikon D50 and the 18-55 lens.

Here are the results of the "Blossom Shoot."

The very first shot is of the little tree by it's self setting on the edge of the hill, followed by several close up photographs of some of the different blossoms.

Please enjoy one of Natures wondrous sights....stay as long as you like looking for Looking is Free


Elisabeth said...

Fabulous images!

Judith HeartSong said...

Beautiful images... you have such a good eye. A talented household where you are!

BAT Mom said...

Perfect in every way! Thank you!