Thursday, April 23, 2009

Use That Bottom

A Gourd Bottom

You may remember me saying in a past post that I try never to waste anything and as you can see I have made something out of a bottom of a gourd that I had cut out to make a drum.

This gourd bottom was so nice and Big(11 1/2" across) the bottom of a Bushel Gourd that I just could not throw away and had been saving it for quite some time waiting on the moment of inspiration to hit me and let me know what it should be.

The Bottom said "Make a Bowl out of me and put some nice geometric designs on me" so the planning started...first sketching out a design and then drawing the design carefully on the bottom with pencil, all the time taking careful measurements to make sure the pattern matched in all Four Directions, after carefully drawing on all the designs I next started to wood burn in all the lines and after that was done I used some Leather Dye to make the "In between Four Directions" a bit darker with a medium Brown Dye...carefully staying within all the design lines with the Leather Dye.

I set it on a plate stand to be on display.........Click on the photograph to enlarge so you can get a better view of the designs.

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Elisabeth said...

Neat geometric design...nice job!