Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Living On The Divide

Today I will take you on a short tour of our little part of Paradise here in the Western Mountains of North Carolina, we live right on top of the Eastern Continental Divide, although at a lower elevation than most spots on the Divide, we are at 2236 Ft. Elevation and the Garden behind the cabin is up a steep bank and somewhat higher than the Cabin.

The photograph above is of our log cabin here.

A view of our "Circle Garden" of flowers, consisting of a variety of flowers.

A view of our newly expanded flower bed along the side of the cabin.

Another photograph showing some of the tall Cosmos flowers and some of the 10 flats of Impatient's that I planted,also some Day Lilly's, and some Iris and ferns.

A view of the flower bed from up on the hill behind the cabin.

Now don't laugh...I am experimenting with growing some tomato's in hanging pots and hung them from the eaves of the cabin.

Another view of the wonderful and colorful flowers we have planted along the side of the cabin.

Aren't the Cosmos flowers tall and delicate.

A lonely Chinese Day Lilly tucked beneath the Trumpet vine bush that surrounds the Propane tank.

Close up of the Chinese Day Lilly....beautiful isn't she?


Light and Voices said...

My land a goshen, your hard work paid off. Such a lovely place you and Elisabeth call home. The planted flowers look fantastic!

BAT Mom said...

Paradise, indeed! Fabulous lighting!