Monday, June 15, 2009

Bald Rock Falls

There is a place nearby where we live that the locals call "Bald Rock Falls" because of the huge bald rocks, and a sometimes waterfalls that comes down the rocks when there has been enough rain to make it run down the rocks, it starts from the very top, "waaaaaay" up there,and cascades down the rocks and then drains into a small stream at the bottom and goes under the road through a culvert to the other side of the road and down the mountain.

The source of the water is from a spring at the top of the mountain.

Click on the photographs to enlarge for a better view.

This is a photograph of the cascading water coming down the rocks.

All around the base of the waterfall and beside the road there are wonderful wildflowers.

A close up photograph of some of the beautiful Wildflowers.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice place. I seen alot of those when I lived in Idaho city Idaho. Nice photos! :)

Rebecca Anne said...

Give me lush green and falling water over rocks and I'm in my own slice of natures heaven. Just beautiful. You live in a gorgeous area!