Saturday, June 27, 2009


Second picking of Zucchini and Crook Neck Yellow Squash.

Sunrise in the garden and a row of white sweet corn with a row of Zucchini plants next to it..the corn is now 6 ft. tall.

Three rows of Blue Lake Bush Green Beans and to the right two rows of Red Watermelons and just to the left, a row of Onions...note I had to leave some grasses and weeds between the rows to hold the soil while were were experiencing torrential Spring rains.( each row is 150 ft. long)

A row of staked and caged Big Boy Tomato plants(15), next to it, a row of Bell Peppers(36), next to that, a row of Yellow Sweetcorn(coming along after the second planting due to getting flooded out by too much rain).

Finally, a row of Indian Corn, this is the third time I planted it this year due to too much rain, finally it grows.

One of the Red Watermelon plants that is now growing after the third planting. There are two rows of Red Watermelon plants each 150 ft. long....On the far left side of the garden I have two rows of Orange Watermelons, also growing after the third planting.

Poor Gourds plants...this is the third time I planted them and they are just now sprouting, I have my doubts as to getting much of a harvest from them this year as only half of what I planted for the third time have sprouted and now we are having drought again as you can see by the cracked and dry soil around the plants even with hand watering them.

Sunrise over the newly cut and baled hay field next to my garden, the hayfield is about 35 acres.

Flowers around the cabin, amazing growth on the Cosmos and Impatient's, due to watering nearly every day by me.

Some Pink and White Yarrow growing in our flower beds.

Close up of some of the Pink Yarrow

This is a Trumpet Vine or Bush around our Propane tank in our yard, wonderful colorful blooms, the Humming Birds just love it and House Finches nest in it.

A close up of some blooms of the Trumpet Vine.

I keep up the struggle here with the garden and flowers because drought or no drought, I love to plant and grows things, it gives me a chance to be one with Nature and I must say...maybe I DO have a Green Thumb.. lol


Elisabeth said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love our gardens...they are outstanding. Are you green all over? Hmmmm.......Thank you.

Light and Voices said...

Agreed, you do have a green thumb. Lovely flowers....and it must be nice to have fresh vegetables to eat without having to purchase them in a grocery store. Good job on the photographs!

Judith HeartSong said...

What wonderful gardens!!!!

BAT Mom said...

My heart just aches at every one of these incredible photos, but your gathering of them all in one place makes for a true peak experience. Thank you.