Thursday, June 4, 2009


Flower Beds Along The Side of The Cabin

Delicate Lacy Green Foliage against a Cosmos Flower

Close up of a Cosmos Bloom

Today I am musing about Spring, Flower Beds and Spring showers.

As Spring rolled around it was time to get out and enlarge the old flower beds and remove the weeds that grew there during the ending fall season and through winter, plant new flowers from seed and put in some Impatient plants to start off the Spring season with new life and a feast for the eye to behold.

I enlarged and sculpted the flower beds and added a new border of nice dark brown bark mulch to keep out the encroaching grass from the yard and to make it easier for the guy that mows the lawn to keep it trimmed properly.

We planted a full 10 flats of Impatient's and also planted a lot of Cosmos seeds which sprouted and started growing tall and slender......Oh how Elisabeth and I love the tall robust stalks of green endowed with green lacy delicate foliage emerge..and then the wonderful and colorful blooms..such a wonderful sight to feast the eyes on.

I am including two shots of the Cosmos Flower now blooming in this post. As usual you may click on the photographs to enlarge for a better view.
P.S. The close up shots were taken with a 105 Macro lens on my camera

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Rebecca Anne said...

10 flats?!! Thats a lot, but I imagine it will be so worth the effort and beautiful.
I adore cosmos, they always seems so abundant when they bloom. They never hold back~