Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Garden Visitors and Lizzards

It is amazing the number of visitors we have to our garden,Coyotes,Bees,Butterfly's ,an occasional Groundhog,Rabbits, and yes, even an occasional

First photograph is of a very pretty Butterfly I saw flitting from one wildflower to another and just had to take it's picture...if you click on any of the photographs it will enlarge for a more personal and better view.

A close up of this wonderful Butterfly.

A Bee visiting a Dandelion bloom.

One of the Lizards that visit our garden here...I call him "Big Daddy" and he is rather friendly and allows me to get quite close.

This Lizard is one of the several young ones that frequent the pallets that I have stacked at the center portion of the garden for stacking the Gourds on to dry after harvest.

Wonderful Wild Daisy's that grow all around the garden, some of which I have transplanted in our flower beds.

Beautiful Pink Day Lilly's in our flower bed.

Close up of one of the Pink Day Lilly's.

Some Pink Roses that I plan on getting a start of to plant over in the newest flower bed that I made this year, they are at the border of our property and the neighbors property, and they gave me permission to get a start from it.
I never cease to be amazed at the wonders that Creator gives us to see and enjoy.


Judith HeartSong said...

lovely pictures!!!! There is nothing better than your own garden.

Julie said...

Lovely shots, I wish we had lizards around here.

Elisabeth said...

Never a dull moment around here...nice shots Bob.

BAT Mom said...

A beautiful posting with lovely photos. Thank you.