Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Peyote Gourd Rattle"

This is a Peyote Gourd that I used to make a gourd rattle with.
I cut the upper portion of the gourd and after cleaning out the
gourd, I make a circle of wood to seal off that open portion of
the gourd and make a small hole in the center of this circle to
allow the carved handle to pass through and also drill a small
hole in the end of the gourd to allow the carved handle to pass
all the way through with enough of the wood handle sticking out
to bead and add a bundle of horse hair on the end.

The next step is to cover the entire carved wood handle with thin
leather to bead on and proceed to bead the handle with 10/0
glass seed beads in a pattern that I make and colors I choose.

I also make what is called "Trailers" on the end of the rattle handle
by cutting narrow strips of Deer Leather as decoration.

This sort of rattle is used as a Ceremonial Rattle in a Native
American ceremony.

I am including three pictures of the rattle to show details.

Close Up of Beading On Handle

Close Up of Beading On End of Rattle And Horsehair Bundle

I have noticed a lack of traffic on this blog and also a lack of comments,

it could be the Holiday that causes this, or is it a lack of interest in what I post?

I appreciate your comments and eagerly await your viewing and comments,

but I have almost come to the conclusion that I am just doing this to satisfy

my own need for sharing my Art with others, comments or not but still like them. <>}}:-)


Judith HeartSong said...

This is just beautiful! All the detail work makes it a really special piece.

Eaglesbrother said...

Judith...thank you so much for your comments...I was beginning to wonder if there was anyone out
I treasure a fellow artists comments.


Lynxycat said...

Eagle, I check your blog every day, and it's great! I have only just figured out how to leave a comment, as I don't have a google/blogger account. LOL

Please keep up the good works, my friend. Yours is one of the best blogs I have ever seen - it is beautiful to look at, insightful, and entertaining to read.


Anonymous said...


i think you're work is great! i make gourd rattles too and peyote fans but i use size 15/0 beads which are much smaller. as a fellow artist i would reccomend using this size of beads as it allows you to make a more complex design with a smoother finish, also you can twist what you call the trailers or what i call fringe. most nac people prefer twisted fringe, hope this helps you if you are looking for advice and criticism as when i just started making art this would have helped me.

check out this site for amazing gourds and fans by patrick scott-

thanks, kai x

Anonymous said...

I looked up your blog because I would like to learn how to make a gourd rattle for my husband who participates in gourd dances. I'm very artistic and capable, but this isn't something I've attempted before and I'm somewhat intimidated. By the way, I think your work is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Ya'at'eh, I'm Jerry, I am very interested in making a peyote gourd I am Navajo, I go to peyote meetings and I would like to know just how to prepare the gourd, (baking, Cleaning,) just how to get the gourd sounding good. Thanks, Email me at Bye and have a merry Christmas