Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Rainy Day Thoughts and Memories"

Goldfinches at Lunch

Today Elisabeth and I went to town and did some "Preseason" shopping for our annual cookie baking. We always get together in the kitchen and bake up a few dozen cookies for the Holiday Season, a task that is harder than it seems on the surface, because in the small log house we live space is at a premium, meaning that the kitchen is VERY small and for two people to be there at the same time is quite a trick. We take turns turning around and moving from one place to the other, which gives me a chance to sneakingly give her a little squeeze now and then on the pretense of getting by she loves it, even though she pretends to get a bit annoyed at me doing that. (better stop the musing

Today dawned as another very rainy day, as was yesterday, except today it was just plain pouring down.

I was not feeling so well today and was having a hard time breathing due to a major flare up of COPD so I didn't even have the energy to go out and work in my workshop for more than an hour, so I came back in and we went shopping together.

After we returned from shopping and getting all the goodies in and put away I decided today would just be a rest day, a time for remembering Spring and Summer and the beauty of our wonderful friends the birds that come to visit one of our two bird feeders.

I decided to put in a couple photographs of a pair of beautiful Gold Finches for our viewing pleasure and to share them with you who come to read my blog every now and then.

Wonderful peaceful memories will follow.

"Let's see...what's on the other side?"

"Oh, yummy...looks like we hit the jackpot!"

"Hey George...I found a nice perch on the Passion Flower Vine."


Elisabeth said...

Goldfinches...a joy to watch...thanks for sharing.

Light and Voices said...

Goldfinches are so small and yet you were able to catch them on that digital camera of yours. YEA for you!