Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Update on Gourd rattle

Here are some more pictures showing the progress in the making a Gourd Rattle using a Buffalo Hump Bone as the handle.

The following pictures show the Gourd part of the rattle which will be inserted into the Bone handle, after the handle is beaded.

I beaded a portion of the Gourd for decoration and also drew on and then wood burned in my version of "The Four Directions" which I then colored with paint and sealed with Lacquer.
I also removed the pencil lines you see on the outer boarder of the Four Direction to simplify the design, as I remembered a saying that Elisabeth told me , it is called "Kiss" meaning "Keep it simple Stupid" a good saying to keep the Artist in reasonable check so as not to get too complicated in an effort to achieve perfection.

Note: I used 11/0 Delica glass seed beads on this Gourd Rattle.

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