Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trip Down The Rocky Broad River

As I mentioned in Sky Watch Friday Post, I am posting some photos from my trip down the Rocky Broad River on the way to Lake Lure, stopping here and there to take some photo's of the massive boulders in the river as it flows from Bat Cave down through Chimney Rock and on to Lake Lure.
The River is stocked nearly every week with Trout for the locals and the tourists to try to catch. There are some very nice pools along the river where Trout congregate and locals and tourists try to catch them.
Come along with me on my journey down the Rocky Broad River for some very nice scenery.
Click on any of the photographs for a larger and much better view.
Some of the massive boulders in the River

Rolling, Tumbling Waters over worn rocks

A fallen tree within a calm pool of deeper water

More massive boulders creating a small waterfall

A nice fast moving deeper pool of water where the Trout hang out

Seclusion and shade among the rippling waters

Looking back Up the River

This fellow was all excited at catching that 3 inch Trout which he had to throw back.

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BPOTW said...

Nice photos you have! And thanks for the narrative, too.