Wednesday, September 23, 2009

13 Inch Hand Drum

Today I am posting a couple photographs of a 13 Inch Hand Drum I just finished making.

The Drum is made with a Steam Bent Maple frame and is covered with Buffalo (American Bison) Rawhide which was soaked for a day then stretched tight over the frame and using Buffalo Rawhide lacing I had cut to bind it tightly to the frame to allow for shrinkage as it dried and stretched tight.

I arranged the lacing in such a way so it could be held in the hand from the backside to play the drum. Note the 4 directions pattern of the lacing.

I next painted a full sized Eagle feather on the drum using oil paints which tend to stay on longer than acrylics and do not peel off easily.

View of Front of Drum

View of Back of Drum


Anonymous said...

Your drum is wonderfully crafted. I came to your site after seeing your comments to an artist on her blog. I immediately recognized Joanne Shenandoah's singing and felt right at home! My husband and I have been to Joanne and Doug George's house and have enjoyed her music serveral times in the Central NY region. I have added your blog to those I follow and am pleased with what I see thus far. Take care, Deb

Judith HeartSong said...

oh this is beautifully done!

Virginia said...

How does she sound? :-)


Eaglesbrother said...

The Drum..sounds Great!! wonderful deep heartbeat.
Thank you all for your comments..I was pleased to share this one with you.