Sunday, September 27, 2009

Butterflys and Corn

Today's images are of Indian Corn and Monarch Butterfly's, the Corn I grew, the Monarch's Creator supplied.

Click on any of the Photograph's to enlarge for a better view.

Some of the Crop of Indian Corn

Such Pretty Colors

Close Up..notice the nice color patterns.

Beautiful Monarch Butterfly

"Hold Still and open those wings"

What Beauty, a successful shot

Visiting Clover Blooms

Here in the mountains Fall is fast approaching and it is nearly time for the Monarch's to come through on their way farther South.

In years past, we have had visits of the Monarch's as they fly on their way to the nesting grounds, we live right in the "Flyway" here on our mountain, and they used to land en mass to rest for a bit and cover the ground with such wondrous beauty , but of course..that was before I had the nice Digital camera that I now have..lately..there have only been very few flying through but we hope for a bumper crop this year and if they do...we will get some shots of them.


Elisabeth said...


Anonymous said...

Great Fall pictures. Come join us at Sunday Stills Challenge, you would be wonderful addition. :)

Dimple said...

Beautiful. I wish you many monarchs this year.

Judith HeartSong said...

what a visually stunning post my Friend!

Japa - cbanga360 said...

Colorful and very interesting details.

Life as I see it said...

Beautiful fall pictures, the colors of corn are so pretty.

Linda said...

These are beautiful butterfly shots - and corn (we never see any like this in Scotland). I've read about the Monarch butterfly migration, and will check back here to see your photos.