Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trim/Slab Saw Done...Rebuilt

Today I am posting some photographs of the Trim/Slab Saw that I said I was rebuilding and promised pictures when completed.
It all started when I was repairing a thumb screw that had broken off that holds in place a thickness plate...I had to drill out the screw and re tap the hole to put in a new thumb screw.
I was using a small hammer to move the thickness plate and accidentally hit the 10" Diamond blade and broke off a piece of the Diamond on the meant I had to order a new $100 Diamond blade.
While waiting on the ordered blade to arrive i decided to completely rebuilt this faithful old saw (have had it 42 years and it has served me well ), so I proceeded to completely disassemble it and strip all the paint off and make a new gasket out of a cork sheet I had to go on top of the tank that holds the coolant and then prime the whole machine with special primer for aluminum and finally coat it with a coat of tough green paint to restore it to it's original appearance.
Sorry I am so long on any photo below to enlarge for a better view.
Saw and stand in original shape before rebuild.
Base of saw with new cork gasket I made and new paint job.
Top rebuilt and painted and drying.
Saw Rebuilt with new paint and new Diamond Blade , also note, I made a Plexiglass splash shield to keep coolant from getting all over me while cutting.
All finished..good as new.
Rebuilt Saw and Rebuilt stand..I even made a new plywood top for the stand and painted the stand and top..all ready to go to work.

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