Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Crowded Work Shop/Never Big Enough

I decided to take you on a tour of my Work Shop that I built about 10 years ago.
As many of you probably find out..there is never enough space when having 4-6 projects going at once, such is my dilemma.
As usal , click n any photograph to enlarge.
Warning, this is going to be a Long post with many photographs.
Work Shop I built 12 x 14 ft.
My work desk with some of my recent work on it
Just above the desk, a photo of a Scrimshaw I did many years ago on Plexiglass
Just down the wall into the corner
In the corner,on top of the sound system, a rearing horse I carved from Black Walnut, and a Dance stick beaded and made from a Buffalo Rib Bone, and not quite seen, a buffalo carved from Black Walnut also. A Bison Skull an a peek at a couple feather fans I beaded and am in process of finishing.
On back wall, Display cases I built etc.
Farther down the wall into the corner, more Stuff, also showing some of the Wood Flutes I make.
A close up view of a BIG Powwow Drum I made and also an Eagle I hand carved( all one piece) from an Apple Tree( took 7 months to hand carve), and some of the Gourd Art I have done, and more Wood Flutes I made.
On the back wall, some of the Gourd Art I have done.
A closer view of some of the Gourd Art.
Two of the Diamond Saws I have, the largest on the right is a 14 inch auto feed with cross feed Diamond Slabing Saw, the one on the left is a10 inch trim slab diamond saw( have had this one about 42 years).
Both are Highland Park Diamond Saws..the Ultimate in Diamond Lapidary saws.
I see I am goin to have to present this tour in several posts, so I will break here and continue the tour with the next post.

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