Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Crowded Work Shop #2

This post I will show mostly some of the gemstones I have been making during the past couple of weeks.
I will start with the display on my Desk/ on any photo to enlarge.
Overall view of desk/workbench Gemstone display
Top row left to right
Australian Opal, Lightning Ridge Black Opal,Apache Gold ( 3 stones )
Second row L to R
Palmetto Picture Jasper,4-Apache Gold..far right-Picasso Marble ( Jasper )
Top row L-R
Chrysocola,2- Palmetto Jasper..3-Apache Gold
Second Row L-R
Bacon Opal ( Utah )4- stones,2 more Palmetto Jaspers,1-Rhodocrosite - Pink stone
( Sweet Home Mine Utah)
Next row down..more Palmetto Jasper 7 stones.
Far left last row- Spalarite ..Far Right 2- Montana Agate, below that- 2 Peruvian Dendritic Agates.
Far left 3rd row-Agatized Wood,Vezuvian Druzy (Ural Mountains of Russia ),just under Palmetto Jasper is 2-Jasperoid stones, 1Jasper ( light green), Blue/Gold Tiger Eye, Petowskey stone ( Michigan ).
Next row down L-R 6- Apache Gold, 5- Royal Imperial Jaspers ( very Rare )
Next row down L-R 4-Dendritic picture Agates, 3- Royal Imperial Jaspers, 4- NC Petrified Wood.
Next row down L-R 4-Arizona Petrified Wood,3-Picasso Marble/Jasper,2-Turquoise.
Stones on far right in next photo.
Stones from Far Right
7-Picasso Marble/Jasper stones
Next 8- stones, Picasso Marble/Jasper
Close up of Dendritic Picture row
Second row..close up Arizona Petrified wood ( 3-stones ) 2-Kaleidoscope Jasper ( Oregon).
Redish/Pink stones close up- Royal Imperial Jasper ( very rare )
Next to pink/red stones--3-NC Petrified Wood, below those..2- Picasso Marble/Jasper, 2- Turquoise stones.
Top Row..close up 3-Montana Agates
Next row down 2- Peruvian Dendritic Agates

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