Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Chase-Red Winged Blackbirds VS Red Tailed Hawk

Today i would like to share with you a chase I witnessed the other day while sitting on our front porch and watching and photographing birds at our feeder.

I noticed two Red Winged Blackbirds chasing my friend the Red Tailed Hawk about 1/4 mile away up high in the sky...so I grabbed my camera with the 70-300VR lens on it and began to record the chase....see photo's below and watch as the dramma unfolds...you can click on any image to enlarge for a better view.

The start of the chase..the Hawks soars and dives to elude those pesky Blackbirds.

Turning again and again...Blackbirds pecking at His tail.

Still , the chase continues, those pesky birds just will not quit.

Here they come again...screeching and diving, ever closer.

Now they are getting closer..but....do you notice the Hawk does not seem very worried about His ability to elude them?

Notice the bird at the top...coming in on a dive to try to pester the Hawk?

Well...I guess you can't blame a Bird for trying...but you have to admit that those Red Winged Blackbirds have alot of Gumption...trying to attack a Hawk that could eat them any time He so desires....but in the end...even they have to give up and surrender to the Superior flying ability of a Red Tailed Hawk...so the chase ends.....

Free at last, and as if to say thank you for recording that crazy attempt by the Blackbirds to try to chase me away....my friend the Red Tailed Hawk comes over towards me and circles above and calls back to me as I call to him.

Closer and closer overhead He comes as we converse in Hawk calls.

As a Pilot does in a Victory Roll with his plane...my Hawk Friend circles directly over my head calling out his Victory Song..."Free at Last"..as I respond with "Fly in Peace my friend"

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Elisabeth said...

Amazing, isn't it?