Saturday, June 4, 2011

Experiments in Digital Macro Photography

I decided to do a bit of experimenting with photographing some Wild Flowers at the back of our yard here behind the log cabin that I had planted in a 75 ft. long bed last year.

I chose the 105 Macro Nikon lens that I have for this experiment.

Below please view the may click on any image to enlarge to get a better view.

A strange combination of Red and White blooms all in the same small flower cluster, the size of a silver dollar.

A very tiny cluster of orange blooms..about the size of a Quarter

A loney little bloom with two dead blooms above it which I should have taken off before shooting

A fantastic Yellow bloom on tall stalks of deep green

I do not know the name of this Wild Flower, but it sure is beautiful

Same type of flower as above, only in White

Same White version of the flower above, except in shadow with sun light streaming through.

Cute , colorful Bachelor Button

This little bloom is the size of my little finger nail, proof..."good things come in small packages"

Now this one isn't a Wild is a Day Lilly

This one also isn't a Wild Flower..I do not know the name of it..but it is planted just at the corner of our porch.

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Judith HeartSong said...

the third one from the bottom is one I don't recognize.... so pretty!