Monday, November 16, 2009

Maple Flute

Today's post is of a Maple Flute I have been making, finally done now and am posting a few photographs of it for your viewing.

The Maple wood is a highly Figured and Spalded and makes for very interesting patterns in the wood and because highly Figured and Spalded Maple wood is also expensive I took alot of extra time in making it so as to not waste the wood.

The Flute is in the key of F#...a very nice mellow tone.

Click on the photographs for a closer look.

View of the flute from one side.

View from the top showing the Turquoise nugget I inlaid into the Block (Bird)

View of the other side

Close up of the Figured and Spalded grain pattern

Close up of the Block (Bird) with Turquoise nugget inlaid


Chris said...

I love your flute, you are very talented to make such a lovely thing. Excuse my ignorance, but what is "spladed"

Eaglesbrother said...

Spalded is a form of White Rot and so called Blue staining, which can be different shades from Blue through gray and to is caused by a fungus which changes the coloration of the wood and can be banded in nature of design within the grain patterns.
Hope this can answer the Question of "What is Spalding"..can also Google it..there are lengthy explainations..but that is the basics of it.

Ulrika K said...

It is so beautiful, wow. You are very talented!

Chris said...

Thank you for explaining spladed to me, it's amazing how fungus can make wood so beautiful.