Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ceremonial Peyote Gourd Rattle # 109

Today's post is of a Ceremonial Peyote Gourd Rattle that I have been making for the past month and finally finished it today.

The overall length is 15 1/2 inches long plus (12) twisted Buckskin Fringes of 9 1/2 inches long each.

There are about 3200 12/0 glass seed beads that I beaded bead at a it took many days of work on just the beading..about a month total.

The Gourd part contains Ant Hill Garnet chips and other small pebbles from the Ant Hills because it is to be used for Ceremony.

I drew on and wood burned into the gourd an Eagle which is split with beading around the gourd.

You may click on any image for a larger view.

Overall view of the Peyote Gourd Rattle

Close up view of the front

Close up of beading and Horse Hair Bundle at front

Close up of front portion of Rattle and Beading

Beading at the back of the handle


Deborah Godin said...

Beautiful intricate work!

vnv4 said...

You sure do exquisite work...beautiful pipe.