Monday, November 2, 2009

Lake Toxaway Falls

Today's post is of some of the photographs I took while up at Lake Toxaway that I mentioned a few posts back.

Following is a series of photographs of the Falls there.

Click on the photographs for a better view, and PLEASE ,as tempting as it may NOT copy these photographs.

View of the upper portion of the Falls

View through the trees at the tumbling waters

The view further downstream

Over the first set of the falls


Elisabeth said...

Wonderful! What a lovely location. You did good (again). Very nice captures.

Julie said...

Lovely shots, I can almost hear the water.

Grace and Bradley said...

So very beautiful with the Fall color of the leaves and watery music.

Judy said...

Wonderful photos of the water, and the autumn colour!!! I wish I could visit! And the rattle is an incredible piece of work!! I can totally believe it took you a month to make it!

Pearl Maple said...

Beautiful photos full of seasonal colour, thanks for sharing this lovely view with us and your kind comments on my blog.

hetty said...

Wow! Spectacular shots! Love the water and the fall colours!

vnv4 said...

This is a place I would like to spend some quiet time. Beautiful shots. Gorgeous.