Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Challenge- Photographing Peitersite Gemstones

A self challenge..to photograph some Peitersite Gemstones that I recently cut and polished.

We went to the Local Gem show here on Friday and again on Monday....on Friday I purchased 3 nice pieces of Rough Peitersite...brought them home and cut them on Sunday and Monday.

Now the challenge..to photograph them so the wonderful colors and choyancy would show( IE the Schiller effect of the Blue and Gold colors ).

This Peitersite has within it much the same type of Gold colors as does Tiger Eye, except instead of ordered bands of color..the bands are bent and twisted into swirls or colors and it also has the very desirable Blue ( hard to find ) along with Black,Reds.

I set the camera up on my tripod and started photographing them on a black background, and following are the results.....However...I didn't quite get the effect that I wanted, so I will try again tomorrow...using a different approach....and will post the results.

Click on any image for a larger view.

A 68.5 Ct. Finished Piece
Another view..hand held
Another view turned the other way-hand held
Now turned upside down view.
A 58 Ct. Piece
Same stone..turned..hand held
Same stone slightly turned..hand held
A 27.5 Ct. Piece
Same stone Slightly turned..hand held
Now you see the challenge of photographing shiney Gemstones...have to have the light source filtered so it does not make a flash arcoss the stone...am working on it..and will get it figured out.
Try again tomorrow...and then post the results....wish me luck...lol

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