Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gift from a Friend and working my Magic

Today I would like to share with you a gift I recieved from a friend.

A friend of my Lady that we met in online chat from here in NC met with us for lunch several times and became friends with both of my Lady and I.

On a recent meeting this friend brought along several pieces of NC Petrified Wood Logs, they are petrified Palm Wood, rather odd ugly looking on the outside, but pure Magic inside.
She gifted me three of these logs and I recently cut into them and started to slab them up and proceed to make cabachon gemstones from them.

I will show you in photographs below, the rough form of a portion of one of those logs and then a couple of the finished gemstones I cut from it.

I will also show a few other pieces of gemstones I have been working on lately.

Click on any photograph for a Larger view.

 NC Petrified Palm Wood ( part of a log )
 A Slab cut from the log
 Two finished pieces cut from the slab above
Next: showing some of the other stones I have been working on.
 A Rough chunk of Picasso Marble ( Jasper )
 A slab cut from the above Picasso Marble Rough ( Jasper )
 A very nice Cabachon of Bloodstone from India that I cut.
Very Rare-Royal Imperial Jasper Cabachon
I cut this from some old stock I had..this material has long been mined longer available.
A Dendritic Jasper Preform ( waiting on final shaping and polishing)
Another Jasper Preform
#2 Jasper Preform

This was cut from a Gold Mine Core Drill in Arizona
Note the small flecks of Gold in it
Another stone resembling Apache Gold
it is high grade Pyrite in Black Matrix
Makes a stunning stone.

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