Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Photographs form April 1,2012- Encounter with a Canada Goose

April 1, 2012 continued....Before I went out to shoot Apple Blossoms and other flowers I walked out into our front yard to do a bit of photographing with the birds and flowers there.

While shooting some Cardinals and a Northern Mocking Bird I looked to my left down the road, and what  my wondering eyes saw was quite a surprise, there in the middle of the road was a Canada Goose just standing there and looking around. Suddenly I saw a car approaching, and that crazy Goose just stood there, oblivious to the oncoming danger of being squished by something much bigger than she was.

Below see the progression of that encounter, which I will say, turned out good for the Goose.

Click on any of the photographs to enlarge for a better view.

The Goose just stood there after the car went around her..so I walked down along beside the road to within 10 ft. of her and took her photograph before she finally decided to fly off to join others.

Now I will present for your viewing some of the other photographs I took that morning before the "Goose Incident".

A Cardinal in the brush just at sunrise.

A Northern Mocking Bird sits on the wire above my head
chatting away like crazy in every combination of tweets He could come up with.

He only stopped for a moment to look at His feet as if checking them to see if there was any dirt on them.

The last of the Tulip Blooms in front of the Propane Tank.

A busy White Crowned Sparrow having breakfast in our tray feeder.

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