Friday, April 6, 2012

Birds and Flowers from April 4, 2012

Welcome to my new post of some photographs I recently took of some of my Bird friends and some flowers we have growing here in the Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Click on any photograph to enlarge for a better view.


Cardinal friend of mine

Hunting food

Let me look over here

Can't a Guy get a bit of privacy when going to the bathroom?

Dianthus Flowers

Another shot

A Mourning Dove over my head

Taking off for breakfast..over there

an Eastern Meadowlark

Close up of Eastern Meadowlark

Cute little House Finch

House Finch having breakfast at our feeder

Coming in for a landing..friends join in for breakfast

The Gang is all here...oh Yummy

one of my Northern Mocking Bird friends

Northern Mocking Bird

Northern Mocking Bird with a "Bad Hair" day

All made up in her best feathers..Northern Mocking Bird

Go ahead, take my picture, you know you can't resist

Our Friendly Robin on my Gourd fence

I am always trying to get a different pose

Some of our Bleeding Heart flowers next to the cabin

I hope you enjoy my photographs and feel free to leave a comment, so I know you have been here, and to also let me know that I am not posting in vain.


Elisabeth said...

Love the birdies and the flowers too. Am so glad you are enjoying yourself outside in the gardens.

Anonymous said...

hello, I have enjoyed your pictures. I am researching the mockingbird. It seems that the mockingbird is playing a very big part in guiding me right now and I am finding as much information as I can. Thank you :) Tricia you can find me on Facebook at Tricia Palese -