Friday, July 2, 2010

Gold Finch Day

Today I was out weeding all the flower beds and watering them when I noticed the blooms on the Cosmos flowers wildly swaying, so I took a closer look and noticed a flash of bright yellow and upon a closer look, saw it was some Gold Finches feeding on the seeds of the Cosmos flowers.

I dropped the watering hose and wand and went in the house to get my camera to record some of these wonderful is the results of that venture.

Please click on the photographs to enlarge and see all the beauty of a Gold Finch.

A lone Finch

He finally turned around towards me

Joined by a friend

Isn't he just adorable?

I think he liked being photographed

Is This My Good Side?

While photographing the Gold finches, I noticed a Lizard clinging to the side of the Log I took a couple close up photo's of him as well.

Isn't He Just Handsome?

Just another shot for good measure


Deb said...

Loved your gold finch and lizzard photos! I have some cosmos so will have to see if the seed heads are calling the finches too. Thanks for the lovely visual reminder. And have fun weeding!

Light and Voices said... your photographs of finches and lizzards. Amazing what one can find in their own backyard eh?
Happy Fourth of July!

Dave said...

truly amazing captures.

Johnny Nutcase said...

love the lizard and the goldfinches look great among those flowers!

Max-e said...

We have cosmos growing here in vast fields. I beleieve it may have been introduced along with tagetes minuta, in horse feed from Mexico, during the Anglo Boer War (1899 to 1902).
Like your shots.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I came here to see your SkyWatch photos, which were awesome, by the way, and when I got to this post, had to stop and comment. I love gardening, and grow a lot of plants for butterflies and bees, which means there are other critters as well.

I love your photos of the finch and blooms, and the lizard, which we don't have any of where I live.

Thanks for being the first to comment on my SkyWatch post.