Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gourd Bowl- Other Half

Remember the Canteen Gourd that I cut in half and made a bowl from?
Here is the other half of that gourd, also made into a bowl, just different.

First I will give you an explanation of how it was made, I began again by sanding the inside fairly smooth, then drawing on all designs on the inside then wood burning in those designs.

I next decided to cut a circle of real Turquoise to inlay into the center of the Yellow Squash Blossom flower. This was followed by coloring the other wood burned designs inside of the bowl with leather dye, except for the flower, which I had to paint with acrylic paint, as yellow leather dye tends to turn green when applied to the pulpy inner surface of a gourd.

I sealed the inner portion of the gourd bowl with water based polly ( the reason for the sparkly shine in the photo).

Next....on to the outside...I drew on all designs, then wood burned them in and colored with Leather Dyes and sealed with Clear Acrylic.

The wood burning of these designs requires a very precise control of the wood burner, and precise control of the OO Liner brush with the Leather Dye.

This project took me about 10 days to complete...the bowl is 9 inches wide and is 3/8 inches thick.

Inside of Bowl with Turquoise inlay

One view of the outside of the bowl

Another view of outside of bowl better showing colors and border design

Better view of colors and border design

Note: Bowls are for sale if you may be interested, as is most of my other work.
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Deb said...

Beautiful! Your artistic eye and skills really came through on this one!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Wow you are so talented, this is beautiful.

overtiredmum said...

hope you are proud of how this one has turn out - it's beautiful. (will have to leave some hints for birthday presents!) xo

Postcards from Wildwood said...

It's absolutely beautiful. Puts it in perspective to know this took you ten days to complete.

Judith HeartSong said...

I love your bowls!!!