Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5 Ice Storm

Today I am posting some photo's from a quick look around outside this morning from an all night freezing rain and which also continued all day today and still going on through tomorrow.

You may click on any photo to enlarge...please forgive the blurriness of some of the photo's because it was still raining.

Just look at that poor Weeping Willow baby tree in the foreground and the Apple trees in the orchard behind it.

A look over towards Sugar Loaf Mountain

Looking towards the SouthWest and the big tree that the Red Tail Hawks sit in, all things, Ice Covered.

1 comment:

judi said...

The Ice really shows in last photo, when you look at the power line!
You took a chance just going out in that, hypothermia and all that.
Glad you did so I could see it.