Friday, January 8, 2010

Surprise Visitor

Today I am posting a photograph of our surprise visitor yesterday afternoon.

I had gone to the kitchen to get something to drink and upon returning to my computer desk next to the window, I looked out and just below the bird feeder outside, about 10-15 ft. away there stood a Young Hawk.

As you can imagine there was a mad scramble from both my Lady and me for our cameras to try to capture this young Hawk with our cameras.

We took shots right through the window and screen as quickly as we could before he decided to fly away, which was a very short time.

Click on the photograph below to get a better view of my version of the Hawk from my camera.

Juvenile Hawk (Coopers Hawk ?)


Light and Voices said...

With all the snow in North Carolina, this poor hawk is probably so hungry. Nice surprise visitor. Happy shooting with that camera.
Joyce, IL, USA

Chris said...

Lucky you to have such a close look at the hawk. I clicked on your picture and saw howbeautiful he is.

judi said...

Isn't he/she handsome.. I am glad you caught this shot. You and your lady are quick with those cameras. judi

sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That picture is through your window screen? Wow, it really is good. Has anyone ID's your hawk yet? (I haven't read all the comments.) Also thanks for the beautiful sunrises -- I'm late looking at my favorite SWF's. I love sunrises because I see them so seldom -- right now here in Oregon I wouldn't see much even if I got up early enuff. Tx for sharing.

Grace and Bradley said...

You did move fast, what a nice capture. Have a nice weekend.

Robin said...

He's a stunner. Great catch.

SaraG said...

I am glad you were able to take the picture through your window and screen. When I try to take one though my screened window is has a darkish tint to it. I keep telling myself to take the darn screen off the window near the birdfeeders!!
Take care

Jenn Jilks said...

I love the hawk. We haven't seen many. Not since summer, but the critters are pretty well hidden under the snow in My Muskoka !