Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hawk and Kestrel Day

Today's post is of my adventures yesterday trying to capture on my camera of the Hawk and an American Kestrel that visited the Walnut Tree that stands at the edge of the apple orchard at quite a distance from our cabin here.

This tree is the usual resting place of my friend the Red Tail Hawk that I keep trying to get closer to to get better photographs of.

I spotted a Hawk in the tree, so I got in my truck and drove towards the tree in an attempt to get closer, I drove up to within 55 yards of the tree and stopped and started taking pictures with my Nikon with the 70-300VR lens on and realized that I had gotten quite closer than usual to the Hawk and didn't know till I downloaded the photographs to my computer that I had been taking pictures of NOT the Red Tail Hawk, but a Red Shoulder Hawk, seems we do tend to get excited at getting good pictures instead of who we are

Click on the photographs to get up close and personal views.

The Walnut Tree

Red Shoulder Hawk (Juvenile Lineatus)

Isn't he just handsome

Leaving the Tree
The next series of photographs is of an American Kestrel that also decided to land in the tree later in the day when I drove back to the tree and stopped about 30 yards from the tree in hopes of a Hawk stopping by again while I sat in my truck waiting.

I sat in the truck for about a half hour at around 3 in the evening and a Kestrel landed in the tree, and this time I had on my 2X converter on my 70-300VR lens in hopes of getting better photos of a Hawk, I was so glad I had it on because a Kestrel is only about 10 1/2 inches tall, so I was able to get fairly detailed photos of him.

Kestrel landing in the tree

Looking down

Beautiful isn't he


Elisabeth said...

I know you love hawks so, yesterday was a good day. Neat shots. Congrats on the captures.

Small City Scenes said...

Super shots. Nice job on the Hawk. Kestrels are so hard to get just right although did a good job. I saw one yesterday sitting on a wire and as neared he flew to a fence post and I could see he had a fat mouse in his talon. He watched me and as I raised my camera he flew to the ground and wiggled into the grasses. Darn!! MB

Anonymous said...

I would be watching that walnut tree, too. Great captures of both birds.