Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Update/Gourd Project

Front and top view

View From Top

With Top Off

View Of Bottom

I have to this point finished the top by wood burning in the designs of the 4 Directions and placing in the colors, White (North), Yellow (East),Blue (South),Black (West).
I have also used Waxed Irish Linen Thread to tightly wrap the stem of the gourd to be used as a handle.
After drawing on and wood burning in the Four "Thunderbirds" and surrounding designs, I used leather dyes to color in for contrast and also cut Four Circle of Turquoise and inlaid them into the gourd and ground and sanded down flush with the gourds surface and polished.
Under the Four Circles of Turquoise it is yet to be determined what will be put into that space...I am still listening to the Gourd tell me what it may be the day for the answer.
Note: I also completed the bottom design and wood burned that in and colored with Leather Dye.

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