Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our friendly little Chipmunks

We will share with you some photo's of our friendly little Chipmunks that come out of the flower beds and steal seeds from the bird feeder.

These little chpmunks are so cute..but very fast moving..hard to have one sit still for a photograph..but He didn't see me till it was too late, and He was just curious enough to nerviously watch me taking His picture right before he dove into the feeder to steal some seeds then scurry away.

Click on any photograph for a better view ( larger ).

Rubbin His Tummy..thinking of food.

Just happens to notice me sitting on a log watching Him.

Looking around..very nervious.

Almost as if He were winking at me..mischevious little creautre.

I hope you enjoy Creators little animal people as I do.

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Elisabeth said...

They are so cute! You did good.