Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Foggy Morning Adventures

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 As Usual, you can click on the Photographs to enlarge for a better view.

Yesterday dawned foggy and wet, so I took the camera out to try and capture some  fog shots, and because the light was just right for shooting flowers etc. I decided to take a few photographs of some of the 200 Tulips that I planted early this fall that are now up and blooming. 

Just across the road a shot of the fog over the field.

                                      A Glorious Sunrise in the making in the South East.

                                                                South East Sunrise.

                   Sunrise in the North East..with a Jet trail illuminated by the rising Sun.

 Morning Purple..In the foreground is White Sage growing, and to the left is Yarrow, in background is the Purple ( Miniature Grape Hyacinths ? )..not sure of the name.

 A very friendly Robin just a few feet away from me exploring the wet grass for breakfast.

 Yes, He was just as curious about me as I was to Him..stopping to take a good look at me.

                       Just a few shots now of some of the new arrivals in the tulip bed.

                                                Striped glory...what a beautiful Tulip.

                                    One nearly finished Blooming Tulip and a new arrival.

                                                             Lovely Orange bloom.

                                                             Pink..what a soft color.

                                                              Another Pink Bloom.

                                                                          More Pink.

                                                                   Pale but lovely.

Orange, Pink, Red, and emerging White.

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Wonderful, wonderful!