Saturday, January 14, 2012

A day with my friend the Red Tail Hawk

My Post today is of my afternoon spent with my long time friend the Red Tail Hawk.

I walked out  to the garden on the hill behind cabin and noticed my friend sitting in a tree,so I went back into the house and grabbed my camera with my faithful 70-300 VR lens on it and proceeded to photograph my friend who so decided to cooperate with me and pose for me for a while before flying off to a more distant tree about 500 ft. farther away and then posing there.

The first photographs were taken just about 1000 ft. away from where I was standing.

As usual you may click on the photographs to enlarge for a better view.

The start of the shoot

Next..zooming up a bit closer

Caught him in flight just as he was leaving the first tree to one farther down the field

Still in flight..just as he was making the turn to land in the other tree.

Landing in the Pine tree

Taking a look around just after he landed

Adjusting his stance in preparation to turn around

Getting ready to turn

A bit hard not to fall off while turning

Getting his balance while turning

Finally turned and facing me now and continued to hunt for his lunch.

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