Sunday, October 23, 2011

Balloons in Virginia

I recently made a trip to New York and back and on the way I stopped at a rest stop in Virginia, as I was getting ready to leave I stopped on the exit drive to get out and have a cigarette, Suddenly I noticed some Balloons in the sky and got in the truck and grabbed my camera to take some photographs.

As you can see they are in the distance and I was pleased that I had on the 70-300MM VR lens on my Nikon D50 SLR camera so I could bring them in closer.

You can click on any Photo for a bigger better view.

First sighting, only 3 balloons seen

As I photographed I noticed one balloon getting very low into the trees

 Here the balloon is getting way down into the trees and the operator is turning on the fire to raise it.

 After that one came up, I see the 4th balloon appear in the sky

                                                                  Balloon number 1

                                                                       Balloon number 2

Balloon number 3

Balloon number 4