Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sky Watch Friday

Thank you Sky Watch Team for your efforts each week to bring us Skies from all over the World.

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My post today is a bit different than my usual post in that it consists mainly of spectacular cloud formations and not the usual Sunrises or Sunsets that I usualy post.

The clouds you will view today are from the Hurricaine that went up along the Eastern coast and brought so much flooding and devistation...but here in the mountains didn't even bring us rain.

Strange cloud formations in the South West

Clouds in the West

Clouds over Sugar Loaf Mountain in the South SouthWest

Clouds in the North

Clouds NorthEast

Last , but not least, Clouds in the East

I have been having trouble for quite some time with Posts on my blog, something is broken, and I can not make the font in bold or change from Left Align to Center Align and many other issues..and as of yet..not been able to get any answers to the problem.

Thank you for stopping by to view my Blog, and I do appreciate all of your comments.

Well what do you know..I hit some key next to a lteer I was typing and "Walla" Bold presented it's


Peg said...

What interesting shots you have this week... I wish we were getting more rain out of them. Thank you for sharing.

Kim, USA said...

Picture #1 looks like a door to me. ^_^


Sylvia K said...

You have had some very dramatic skies this week! Awesome captures! Hope you've had a good week! Enjoy your weekend!


Lew said...

Great shots of the clouds! It looks like a ghost running across the field in the "northeast" image. I think blogger is still working on the bugs in its new version. I find things work a little different every few days.

J Bar said...

Great bunch.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Anonymous said...

Love the drama of these clouds!

FotoAnna said...

Great shots Eaglesbrother!
SWF greeting from holland,

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Very nice photos.

Regards and best wishes

LauraX said...

absolutely beautiful!

Kcalpesh said...

Interesting captures!! They skies look beautifully dramatic and mysterious..!!

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