Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trip Down The River

Last Saturday after going to a car show to take some photographs , I decided to got down to Lake Lure to see if anything was going on down there in the way of old car shows, but there was not much going on I turned around and headed back home...but stopped along the Broad River just above Chimney Rock and climbed down among the huge boulders in the River to take some pictures.

We start with a long view up river at the boulders that the water rushes in and around and tumbles in small water falls..down into pools of deep water in places..making great spots for the Trout to hide in...and fishermen to try to catch .

Click on any image to enlarge.....enjoy the trip down the river with us.

Long view up river

Tumbling waters over moss covered boulders

Birds eye view

One of the small waterfalls

Another miniature waterfall

Up close and personal, didn't get my feet wet either

Moss covered boulders

Down, Down, ever Down the River tumbles the water.

We hope you enjoyed your trip down the river with us.

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