Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Day of The Gemstones

My post today is of some of the gemstones I have been cutting recently.

Click on any image to enlarge for a better view.

My first presentation is a Rare sized Gem Grade Malachite Bulls eye piece..see the photograph to enlarge.

The next stone is a beautiful Free form piece of NY Labradorite with Blue and Gold flashes of color over the entire stone.

My next stone is a combination of Gold and Blue Tiger eye Rough..marked for cutting..which I will soon cut.

This is a slab of Gold and Blue Tiger eye Rough that I have marked for cutting..note the one with the Red tornado in it.

This is a slab of a larger piece that I bought some time ago and then cut into is from Australia.

This is a cabochon that I cut from a slab like the one above..and has a description and measurements above it.

This is a Free form piece of Apache Jasper that I cut and polished..pretty isn't it?

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Judith HeartSong said...

they are all beautiful! I would love to watch you cut stones.