Sunday, June 13, 2010


Come on along with me for a tour of some of the gemstones that I have been cutting the last couple of weeks.

Click on any photograph for a larger view and get closer for a much better view.

The first item I will show you is of a very rare Royal Imperial Jasper piece that I cut into the shape of an arrow head.....this Jasper is from very old stock and is no longer available except from someone who has some before it was all mined out.

This next item is another Jasper that I cut that could be used in a bolo or a is sometimes called Picture Jasper because of the scenic nature.

The next piece is a very nice piece of natural stable Nevada Turquoise that I cut
it could be mounted in a ring or bracelet or even a pendant.

This next piece is a New York Labradorite stone...I purchased some of this material several years ago from a person who collected it from a new road cut that was being made in NY.
It is very difficult to show all the beautiful Blue color that shows in the stone as the light flashes across it by photographing it, but here you can see some of it.

The next piece is of a free form piece of AAA Gem Grade Malachite..I cut it to be a two sided piece so the patterns could be viewed from either side...first photo is of one side.

This is the other side showing a fantastic Bulls Eye pattern.

This is another two sided piece of AAA Gem Grade Malachite..also a free form piece.

The other side of the same piece.

This is a Fire Agate piece I cut...also a free form piece..very difficult to photograph the fire in a fire agate or an opal so all the colors show...but you can see some of them.

Another two sided piece of of one side

Photo of the other side.

A large slab of Malachite...marked for possible cutting.

This is a "Chocolate Opal" with great red fire from Ethiopia, again...very hard to capture all the beautiful fire in a photograph.

A very nice piece of Chrysacola that I cut form again to save as much of the stone as possible.

Another Chrysacola piece I cut, which has Azurite and Malachite in it as well..Azurite being the nice deep Blue and Malachite is the Green.

A two side piece of Dendritic Jasper...also a free form ..with the first photo of one side followed by a second photo of the other side.

Second side...same stone.

These 5 pieces I cut to a set size to be mounted into on the photo to enlarge it so you can see the wonderful patterns and Dendrites.

Next...another two sided Dendritic's one side then the other.

Side Two.....

I hope you enjoyed viewing some of the stones I have recently cut and I will continue to post more as I go...please feel free to leave comments.


Elisabeth said...

Wow! You have been a busy bee.:-) Very, very nice work Bob.

blog with no name said...

You really have a tallent for releasing the spirit of the stones brining them to "life" !!

~Cheryl said...

These are so beautiful! My dad and one of my uncles would have really "relished" your work!

Deb said...

The colors and subtleties are just amazing. I would have a difficult time parting with any of them. Thanks for taking the time to photograph and post.