Friday, December 11, 2009

Lake Toxaway Falls Revisited

You may remember a previous post where I posted photo's of the Falls at Lake Toxaway in November, with the bright colors of Fall, I had mentioned that I would like to take more photographs from a different view.

I recently had to go back up there to bring back some of my work from a Gallery there that had sadly closed, so....true to my adventurous spirit, I stopped at the falls and climbed down the mountainside and over the massive rocks to get some photo's from below...and a different are a few of the photo's I took below.....Ohh by the way...I found out I am really getting didn't think I would make the climb back up those rocks and legs burned with pain and I was very short of breathe and chest was very tight...In the future...I may have to forgo some of that mountain

First view from the bottom of the Falls showing the Dam and road above.

Mighty rushing waters after a very hard rain

At the bottom of the second falls

Oppss I put it in twice

Water rushing on down the mountain, making a third small falls

As the water rushes on down the mountain into the valley


Chris said...

I enjoyed your photos,even if you did repeat one,(is that another sign of getting old as well as burning legs etc?)

Elisabeth said...

Very nice images...excellent, actually.