Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update 3 /Handle for Turtle Shell Rattle

Typical regular Wing or Tail Feather

Typical Wing Tip Feather

Close up of beading pattern

Updated Photo of beading
Today I am posting another Update on the progress of the beading on the handle for the Turtle Shell Rattle.

I will first post a photograph of a typical Wing Tip Feather, and a Typical Wing or Tail Feather so you can see the difference in representation and symbolism of each.

The photograph of the Wing Tip Feather shows the typical shape and on the beading I bead a Symbolic rendition of it , much as you may see in paintings or on pottery, all within the design limitations of the beading 3 drop Peyote stitch.

The other photograph is of a typical standard Wing Feather or Tail Feather and you can see my rendition of that feather type in my beading, the Blue feathers and the Yellow feathers, with the white feather spine running down the middle as would be on a real feather.

I now have beaded 6 1/2 inches of the total 8 1/2 inches of the beading area....more to come to complete the handle. I will show the final when all completed and the Turtle Shell is mounted.

As usual you may click on the photographs to enlarge for a better more detailed view.

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Elisabeth said...

Thoroughly enjoy watching the beading process...Look forward to seeing this finished and attached to the rattle.